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Get a reliable web design partner that can fill gaps in your creative team.

Are you lost in the wilderness of ‘meh’ freelancers?

You know how to run your business and you’re killing it! But every time you hire a freelancer to do a project they disappear,  provide sub-par quality, blow out your timeline, or hit you with unexpected fees!

We’re different. We’re better.

How We’re Different

Always On Time

We get it. Timelines matter. They matter for you and they matter for us. That’s why we meet or beat them. Every time. 

Always On Budget

You can’t run your agency without accurate estimates. That’s why, if the scope doesn’t change, our estimates and invoices are identical.

Always Quality Service

Working with a freelancer shouldn’t be a guessing game or unpleasant. We promise to give you great customer service and clear, thorough communication!

How Our Process Works


Email Us Your Scope

Every new project will begin with an email and a scope. 


We'll Send A Quote

With your scope, I can provide you with a detailed estimate. 


Start The Project

Once you’ve approved the estimate, our project begins!

Timelines Matter

Your word is everything when selling a service to your customers. If you can’t trust your contractors to get their project done on time, how can you promise a timeline to your customers?

That’s why at Zealous Sites we always are on time.

During our process, we will discuss a timeline for your project. If the scope does not change, and the required actionables (content, hosting, etc) are provided on time, we will meet or beat that deadline.

Always On Budget

Budgets matter! You simply cannot manage an agency if you don’t know how much your expenses are going to be. We understand that and we’ve experienced it ourselves!

That’s why Zealous Sites is always on budget. 

When we send you an estimate based on a defined scope, you can know with assurance that as long as your scope does not change, neither will our invoice. 

You'll Love Working With Us

Not all contractors are the same. You’ve experienced poor-quality work, miscommunication, or just being ghosted. So have we.

Zealous Sites is different. 

You will love working with Zealous Sites. The communication that you receive will be speedy and thorough.

We are professionals. And we’ve been doing this long enough that we don’t need to hide behind corporate nonsense. You can expect emails that will both be informative and pleasant to read. You might even (you will definitely) get a few smilies in there. :)

We are honest. If your project is outside of our technical expertise, we’re not going to pretend it isn’t. You deserve better, and our niche is tried & true. 

Featured Projects

We love our work and we think you will too!

Our Team

Marcus Zeal

Marcus Zeal

Developer, Project Manager

Kamren DeCheser

Kamren DeCheser

Designer, Copywriter

Michelle Rappuhn

Michelle Rappuhn



They are absolute professionals and genuinely great to work with!
I've been working with Marcus / Zealous Sites on several projects since late 2015. For each of these projects, I've been based throughout the world and have always found Marcus to be incredibly organized, responsive, and communicative in his approach. We have been delighted with the end results for four corporate websites, one school website, and one charity website. I would highly recommend Marcus and his broader team for any of your online, website, branding, projects. They are absolute professionals and genuinely great to work with!
Laura Dietz
Parent Governorbrentknollschool.co.uk
Marcus is a unique blend of high-level skills and fantastic customer service.
His advice has unerringly been solid and has helped us spend money wisely. We have been able to grow our company, getting the best bang for our buck, in large measure because Marcus’ advice has kept us from wasting our time and effort and resources in unproductive directions. If you want a professional partner that has your needs in mind, Zealous Sites is the solution for you.
Robert Wallis
VP Sales and Marketing casegoodsrefinishing.com
Marcus is attentive to all our client needs.
Marcus is attentive to all our client needs. I can call on him to assist with very small to very large projects and he knows how to tackle it with a thorough approach that will yield results. It’s equally important that Zealous Sites has A1 customer service skills. I never have to wait for days to get a response – in fact the return call or email is usually within an hour. THAT is surely something we all appreciate!
Bette VonGunten
Business Ownervalleytechnologies.net

Monthly Retainers 

Although most of our work with agencies is based on a project-by-project basis, we do offer retainer pricing for maintenance.

Higher volume pricing available upon request! 

Perfect for firms or businesses with many websites or marketing campaigns! 

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