Zealous Sites

Zealous Sites has been around since 2010 building beautiful websites. As times have changed, so have we. Most of our most recent sites are WordPress based. Take a look at our portfolio for some of our work!

Who Am I?

My name is Marcus Zeal. I am a professional, full-time, 1099, Web Design and Graphic Design Contractor… Yeah that’s a mouthful… Online Specialist sounds so much better and actually fits on a business card!

Need A Website?

The answer is yes. Yes you do. If you have a business or event and you’re not online you are missing out on a whole spectrum of demographics that you could otherwise grab! Let’s fix that with the affordable marketing solution.

Are You Mobile?

Is your current website mobile-friendly? If the answer is no than you are likely missing out on more viewers than you know. All of our websites are responsive, meaning you will look great on desktop and mobile.

Zealous Sites

Let’s Get Started

So you’re interested in my work and you have a project of your own that you need some help on? Great! Let’s talk! Below is a suuuper long form that will get us all the details of your project (and help you think through them yourself). Filling this form out is a huge help and step in the right direction, but not at all necessary to get on the phone with us. If you would rather simply call – please do so. Alternatively, you can email me directly at marcus@zealoussites.com. 

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