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Web Design

Our Design phase has conversion as the primary forethought. We design all of our websites to convert before we ever start development.

WordPress Theme Development

We build all our sites using WordPress CMS. Your theme will be unique and powerful enough for you to make your own updates, should you want to.

On-Call Support

The days of make it and leave it are long gone. At Zealous Sites, we offer ongoing support options for every one of our web development customers! 

Beautiful & Practical

Web Design

Our designs are built to convert, but they also are built to look absolutely gorgeous!

Mobile Matters

Responsive Web Development

Responsive design isn’t just an option anymore, it’s a necessity. With the average websites’ current viewer base being mostly mobile, it’s imperative that your site looks good on all mobile platforms as well as desktop. We’ve got you covered.

Ongoing Partnerships

On-Call Customer Support

At Zealous Sites, we want you to succeed! That’s why in addition to our design process and web development, we also offer ongoing customer support in the form of monthly retainers and B2B Agency Options. 

In fact, the majority of our work comes from repeat customers and ongoing relationships with agencies across the United States.

Our Process

Our process begins before you ever sign a contract. We know that expectations can be a tricky thing, so it’s extremely important to us that we explain everything before we even begin.

Tell us more about yourself, your business, and your goals. It’s here where we learn how we can help.
Let our professional design team make you a masterpiece.
Let me build your custom theme using the best frameworks in the world: WordPress and Divi.
Here we do some Quality Assurance to make sure everything is great. Then Launch!

Some Of Our Work

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress and why do I want it?

WordPress is Popular.

WordPress started as just a blogging platform in 2002, but now makes up for 60% of all websites using a Content Management System. In fact, 30% of every website on the web uses WordPress.

WordPress is Powerful.

WordPress is completely customizable. I’ve personally used WordPress for both very large and very small websites. It’s modular layout makes it very easy to add new pages, manage blogs, and even sell products.

WordPress is Free.

WordPress is the best CMS on the market and it’s completely open source and free. Premium plugins, themes, and of course my services are not free; but the CMS itself is completely free.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization means building your site in such a way that the little robots over at Google, Yahoo, and Bing can find, read, and record your website data. This way they can then serve that data to users searching for your site or services similar to your company.

We don’t offer advanced SEO services such as Pay Per Click or SEO Marketing, but we know people who do. We’d be happy to get you in touch with our partners should you need those services.

We build your website with basic SEO in mind, meaning we use header tags correctly, set up basic Meta tags, and make sure your permalinks make sense. We also install “Yoast SEO” on every WordPress site we build to help pave the way for a SEO Specialist to help get you the results you need.

What is Divi and why do I want it?

Divi makes editing your site a breeze.

Divi’s front end page builder makes it very easy for you as the owner of your website to make changes to your site on the fly without even needing to contact me. That said, I am here to make changes and updates should you realize you just don’t have time to be meddling with your website when you could be doing other things.

Do you work with anything other than WordPress?

We sure do!

If your marketing strategy requires something a bit more than what you feel WordPress can accomplish, we’ll also happily work with with your HubSpot account.

I’m certified at HubSpot for both Inbound and Growth Driven Design as well as their HubSpot CMS platform.

What’s the benefit of HubSpot?

Where WordPress has the ability to do everything via plugins, HubSpot has everything built in. This includes your CMS, CRM, Email Blasts, Analytics, and more.

What’s HubSpot Cost?

More than WordPress… a lot more. HubSpot’s “Basic” platform starts at $200/month, billed annually. Learn More.