Who Am I?

My name is Marcus Zeal. I am a professional, full-time, 1099, Web Design and Graphic Design Contractor… Yeah that’s a mouthful… Online Specialist sounds so much better and actually fits on a business card!

Need A Website?

The answer is yes. Yes you do. If you have a business or event and you’re not online you are missing out on a whole spectrum of demographics that you could otherwise grab! Let’s fix that.

Are You Mobile?

Does your current site work on mobile? If not then you should really consider upgrading. According to recent studies, mobile will (if it hasn’t already) take over the majority for web viewers this year. It’s time to make sure your site looks good for them!

Web Development Prices

Every website is unique. Because of this fact, every website has a unique price. Zealous Sites does not have a simple, cookie-cutter price chart because we do not offer simple, cookie-cutter sites.

We offer customized creations that exactly fits your business needs.


Prices start as low
as $50 / hour. 

So you’re interested in my work? You have a project of your own that you need some help on? Great! Let’s talk! Fill out one of the two forms below to contact Zealous Sites for your web design and graphic design needs. 


I am a Web Firm Looking For A Freelancer

If you are interested in just touching base and getting the wheels moving on what could be a long-lasting business relationship between Zealous Sites and your web design or graphic design company, please fill out the form below.

  • I find that appointments are important. Communication is huge so by choosing a time that works for you we can nail down a time to speak.

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I am a Customer Looking For A Website

If you are a customer interested in the production of a new website, or perhaps the revamp of a current website…