So it’s been a week since me and the wifey signed up for a gym membership. When I started I thought, “pfft.. this won’t last…”  haha, I hope I was wrong.. Gyms aren’t free!!

ANYWAY.. In my time working out I’ve discovered 2 very important things.

1.) Working out next to a stranger is awkward. Especially if you’re there first and they come up to you… It’s not like you can look at them or even talk to them. So you’re just working out there.. next to someone.. both of you are filfthy sweaty and gross. The thoughts that go through my mind range from “what if I stink…” to “if I have a heart attack do I really want this person giving me CPR?” lol.. I know, I’m a terrible person!

2.) The person next to you is always the prettiest girl in the room if you go with your wife. :) If it wasn’t for my co-pilot, Vicki, this gym thing would be over before the free week trial. haha