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Marcus Zeal

Marcus Zeal

Web Developer, Owner

My name is Marcus Zeal. I am a professional, full-time, 1099, Web Design and Graphic Design Contractor… Yeah that’s a mouthful… Online Specialist sounds so much better and actually fits on a business card!

I have worked on projects like E-Commerce Websites, Mom and Pop’s One Page Stops, and everything in between. I have had the pleasure of working with clients from all over the United States and even as far away as Turkey, London, and the UAE.

I’m a designer to the core. Pixel-perfection is something that I take very literally. I am skilled in HTML5, CSS3 and familiar PHP and ActionScript. I use WordPress on a daily basis for it’s phenomenal CMS (Content Management System) capabilities and simplicity. I’ve also created websites from the ground up using nothing but text editing software and my handy dandy web browser.

Other than an artist, I’m also a dedicated husband and friend to my beautiful wife Victoria Zeal. We are originally from Illinois, but we’ve lived in Norfolk since June of 2012. We are also both committed members of Sovereign Grace Church in Chesapeake and Jesus-loving Christians.

My full portfolio and resume can be found here at ZealousSites.com. There’s a full gallery of websites that I have had the pleasure of creating for different people and businesses. There’s also my resume that shows some of the businesses I’ve worked for consistently  as a contractor or an employee through the years.

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