So today, to my surprise, my iMac broke. The harddrive crashed and I lost everything… or I would have lost everything had I not backed everything up so many times prior. :) Thank goodness for my 2TB backup station!

I took it into the Apple store to find out just how much it would cost to repair/replace and they gave me my options.

  1. Replace the Hardrive for ~$225.
  2. Replace the iMac for ~$1600
  3. Replace the iMac with an MacMini for ~$600.

Although it sucks that I have to spend anything at all, it was necessary. I’ve decided that I’ll replace the hardrive for $225. I guess this is the cost of running your own business, right? :) At least now I have something I can write off on my Taxes for the year 2012. haha.

Also, the trip to the Apple store wasn’t a complete wash. I made two new contacts there. The employees were very friendly and a fellow customer, Gwen, was very nice to sit and talk with. She was contemplating buying a new mac. Although I was a bit embarrassed to be in there with my broken iMac, I was happy to suggest the MacBook Air over her Dell. I guess the lesson here is that it only costs a little bit more to go first class… or something like that. I mean, even after experiencing a total hard drive failure I was/am still willing to suggest an Apple product over a PC any day of the week.

If only I was just as adamant about sharing the way Jesus came into my life, accepted me, saved me and made me a new person as I am about sharing how Apple came into my life and changed my work flow and increased my productivity… :-/ Food for though I suppose.