How to Manage Your WordPress Updates

WordPress is great! With 74,652,825 sites and counting, WordPress has become the largest CMS on the internet. With all that popularity comes the risk of malicious attacks. Like the ever-popular Mac vs PC debate, WordPress has more users than it’s counterparts so it’s become much more appealing to attack. To combat this, WordPress releases WordPress updates on their core very often. Sometimes once a week in fact. This is really, really good news. This means that the WordPress community is actively working on WordPress to make it even better, more secure, and more powerful every single week.

But here’s the issue. After releasing these updates, it is the admin of the WordPress website’s responsibility to implement them. So often I will be tasked to clean up a hacked WordPress site just to log in to find that every plugin, theme, and core file is 12 months out of date. The days of building and forgetting a website are long gone. You need to keep your websites current! Both with the content of the pages and the code powering them.

So what are your options?

Well, you can do it yourself. That’s one option. To keep your site up-to-date all you need to do is log into your dashboard, go to Dashboard > Updates. And apply the updates to each plugin, theme, and core file that’s on that page. You need to do this at least once a week. This task, depending on your server, computer, and internet connection; can take quite a while. Not only do you first need to remember to do it, but then you also need to take time out of your busy day to actually do it.

Option two, hire me to do it. I’m pretty biased, but I think this is probably your best option. Pay me $100 one time a year to keep your site updated. I will update your site every Monday.

$600 / Hack

WordPress Updates Are Important! Don't Pay More In Post-Hack Clean-Up Fees!

$100 / Year

You do the math. :)

Wait… Did you say $100 a year?

Yeap! I realize that this is a ridiculously low price for the service, but I’m willing to do it- mostly because I want to help keep the internet a safe place and I love WordPress.

So what does $100/year mean? Well it’s less than my hourly rate over the span of 3 updates. It’s about a 6th of the cost of post-hack cleanup… It’s affordable… really affordable. :)

But Value? There’s value right?

Yes. For sure! Look at it this way. If you do not update your website, there’s a good chance that it will be compromised. Hackers, or more realistically Hacker’s Bots, can add malicious code to your site. Often times these are added to every file on your website and are a real pain to remove. The best action typically is to just go to a backup – but if you don’t have one… well, this service runs somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 to complete. Multiply that by every time your site is hacked and you’re looking at $1200 to $1800 a year in just clean up cost.

This may sound radical, but it’s realistic. I’ve been tasked to clean the same site 3 times from 3 different attacks within 3 months – all because they didn’t keep their site up-to-date with the latest WordPress Updates.

But Marcus, my site was built without a child theme…

Yikes! Well, that’s a problem. If your website was built with any customization without a child theme than my service would remove those customizations. The problem still persists though – you need to update your theme. Perhaps this is a good opportunity for you to get a site refresh? If so, we can talk about that in more detail. If not, than for the same $100/year, I can update your core and plugin files.

Regarding plugin files, this would only include updates sent from the directory (OR an appropriate API plugin like Elegant Themes Updater). Premium plugins such as those that come from CodeCanyon or something similar, would require an additional charge each time you would need an update. This charge would vary depending on the plugin and what was involved in the WordPress Updates.

Where do I sign up?

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